AF AeronMollier is a complete supplier of HVAC and Refrigeration systems and equipment for demanding offshore environments. Our engineers and technicians provide a thorough advisory and follow up from conception to completion. We have been a successful partner for the major operators on the Norwegian Continental Shelf since 1998, and our experience cover every aspect within HVAC-R.

The offshore industry in the North Sea is one of the most demanding areas in the world, which requires the strongest possible focus on safety and quality from us a supplier. We are familiar with all the relevant rules and requirements. We deliver products and services in accordance with the strict requirements to perform well in extreme environments.

On an offshore installation, HVAC-R systems are essential to provide safe working environment and comfort for personnel, and to keep critical equipment protected in operation under all conditions. AeronMollier will be your lifetime partner taking the responsibility for demanding offshore requirements from newbuilding to preventive maintenance and modifications.

Engineering and System Design

- Our competence, your confidence

The main concern within HVAC-R Systems is providing a safe environment for both personnel and equipment. We will always focus on giving our customers optimal solutions keeping in mind correct functionality and cost.

We cover all aspects of offshore installation, from living quarters, technical rooms, process, drilling, power generation and distribution, and deliver a complete package of offshore services related to HVAC-R projects.

With highly skilled employees, AeronMollier takes the complete responsibility for our customers.

Installation and Commissioning

- Effortless for our clients

We ensure that all new and modified installations are delivered in accordance to the required performance standards, and take full responsibility for the planning and installation of our systems, or if preferred, the supervision to ensure that work is performed on time safely and efficient.

Our determined teams of skilled commissioning personnel make sure the systems are set into operation and that they operate in accordance to the required performance.

Service Agreements, Maintenance & Modifications

- A complete service partner

AeronMollier has proven to be a reliable service partner for major operators on the Norwegian Continental Shelf, still holding service agreements originating back to 2002.

Our frame agreements covers all aspects of operation, from routine inspections and reporting, duct cleaning, preventive and corrective maintenance to complete modification projects for all types HVAC and Refrigeration systems including electrical and instrument.

We are experts on Preventive and Corrective Maintenance and offer services on different levels, and on various types of technical systems:

  • System maintenance
  • Equipment maintenance and repair
  • Examination of maintenance routines with recommended changes
  • Cost reducing initiatives based on accessibility and criticality
  • Cleaning and refurbishing
  • Spares management

In close cooperation with our clients, we monitor the systems health and recommend when time is due for replacements and modification.

We do also take full responsibility for modification and rebuilding projects on existing installations.

HVAC & Refrigeration Equipment packages

-A partner for thoughtful and reliable solutions

AeronMollier design and deliver quality HVAC and Refrigeration equipment fully in accordance to rules and regulations and in according to our client’s requirements.

For an equipment package, we take the responsibility for the design, procurement, manufacture, assembly, testing, mechanical completion, documentation, following-up and reporting and, not least;

- On time delivery

We do also have a wide range of cost effective standard products with proven performance in offshore environments.

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