Dear Customer

As the new Coronavirus Covid-19 keeps spreading all around Europe, we would like to share a quick report from our company with you. We in AF AeronMollier follows the Norwegian government and health authorities recommendations, but we will also do our best to serve our customers in the best possible way in this special situation.  

The ongoing COVID-19 pandemic is currently affecting AF AeronMollier  AS'  operations . The Norwegian government has implemented comprehensive restrictions, such as quarantines and travel bans, as a measure to lower the rate of infection. The spread of the virus has also greatly affected our suppliers in both in Norway and other countries, as their governments has implemented restrictions there.

The situation is changing every day, and we are monitoring the development and assessing the situation on an ongoing basis. 

We need to inform you that we expect to encounter some delays and/or cancellations due to the COVID-19 outbreak and that it might be necessary to invoke the Force-Majeure  clauses  in this regard.  Where it is necessary, we will supply a detailed written notice as soon as possible. We ask for your continued understanding and will do our best to ensure that it will be business as usual to the greatest extent possible.

 Your Sincerely
AF AeronMollier AS

Morten Pettersen
Managing Director