Our Maintenance and Modification -M&M Department is the customer’s link and lifeline to service, maintenance and spare parts for HVAC-R Systems. Regular follow-ups of systems in operation are offered to all our customers. As when it comes to supervision and suggestions for alterations and improvements of systems, whenever regulatory authorities require it, or when new and better technology is available, our M&M department will be at your service.

Maintenance and service is vital to ensure optimum air quality and long life for the HVAC-R plants. We offer both service “on demand” and a range of service agreements, which can be adapted to customer requirements. Aeron will be at your service with professionals ready to analyze and solve any problem before they become critical.

We deliver a complete package of M&M services related to HVAC-R projects.

  • Supervising and inspections
  • Commissioning
  • Operator training
  • Preventive maintenance
  • Modifications, upgrading and conversions
  • Complete Equipment deliveries of HVAC-R Systems
  • All necessary documentations for HVAC-R Systems
  • Noise and vibration reductions
  • Cleaning of ducts and equipment
  • Readjustments of the plants
  • Pressure control of HVAC Systems for accommodation
  • Energy efficient temperature control of technical rooms
  • Temperature and pressure control of engine room fans
  • Cleaning and control of water flow for cooling and heating

Your HVAC-R Service Partner in Ventilation and Indoor Climate

In the field of Heating, Ventilation, Air-Conditioning and Refrigeration - HVAC-R Systems, we are serving you within land-based industry, public buildings, ships and offshore installations.
We may take full responsibility from conception to completion including all items related to the HVAC-R Systems, such as electro, piping etc.


We offer preventive maintenance of heating, ventilation, Air-conditioning and cooling- systems. We perform service, control and monitoring of your facility, with written service reports. We may also specify suggestions for improvements and repairs when needed. The main advantage with a service and maintenance agreement is to avoid downtime, and to secure that the HVAC-R system is constantly running smoothly, without interruption of operations. This will also help you to save energy and electricity costs.


We may serve you with a complete HVAC-R Solution, including Design, Planning, Purchasing and Installation of new equipment for ventilation, cooling and heating.


The last 10-15 years we have experienced a revolutionary technical developments in ventilation, refrigeration and automation. Many ventilation is out of date, and could be more noise and discomfort than necessary. We assist with the rehabilitation, modernization and updating of your old equipment. We may take complete responsibility for the rehabilitation including coordination with necessary other disciplines.


We offer execution of noise reduction measures. In addition, we can also help to identify and perform noise analysis, with subsequent written report. We will also be glad to provide you with proposals for improvements.



AF AeronMollier helps you to reduce your energy use. All our energy efficiency proposals are also profitable investments.

Energy efficiency is profitable from the start. We analyze the energy savings potential in existing buildings and make recommendations for measures that reduce energy consumption.  Measures that are implemented after such an analysis will also potentially improve the environmental profile of the building's energy consumption, for example from an F classification to a C classification. This is what we call a Blue Environmental Effect: it provides a return on investment both for the customer's bottom line and for the environment.


Our After Sales Services will always be ready to assist you with maintenance, modifications, spare parts or any requirement for service on you HVAC-R Systems. We recommend you contact our After Sales Service for preventive maintenance and service to avoid any downtime on your HVAC Systems.


To maintain smooth operation and minimal downtime of the installed equipment, we hold an extensive stock of spare parts available. In conjunction with our international representatives and business partners we do our utmost to satisfy our customers needs. You find more information about spare parts here.

Flat Packed HVAC-R Products

We have developed a special system which makes it possible to supply ‘flat-pack’ HVAC equipment as an alternative to fully assembled. This unique system means that the units can be taken down to the ventilation compartment in pieces, and assembled there. This saves a lot of time and cost, compared to cutting a hole in the hull to take in large products.

Neither does the work has to be performed at a shipyard, as much work can be done anywhere in the world, and even while the ship is in transit. We upgrade and install the HVAC-R products all over the world and we take full responsibility for the complete upgrading and installation for all disciplines related to the upgrading of the HVAC-R System.

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